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This lash style comes with two pairs!

The Proverbs 31 woman is royalty and has a special place in God's kingdom. He will crown her with many crowns on that blessed day.

VBV Lash style crowned is inspired by the ‘5 Heavenly Crowns’ mentioned in the Bible 🙏🏾👑

Crown of Life 👑 (James 1:12 & Rev. 2:10): For those who persevere. 

The Incorruptible Crown👑 (1 Cor. 9:25): For those who practice self-discipline 

The Crown of Righteousness 👑 (2 Tim 4:8): For those who love Jesus and anticipate his return.

The Crown of Glory 👑 (1 Peter 5:4): For those who shepherd the flock and are of good example to others.

These iconic but not over the top wispie lashes in the style 'crowned' are thick, exceptionally soft, and are designed to leave you feeling like the queen you are. 

***All VBV Lashes are:

-100% vegan



-Made with a 100% cotton band for the highest level of comfort

-Reusable 25+ times with proper care.