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Rose Gold lash scissor

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Customize your lashes PERFECTLY with these stainless steel, rose-gold colored scissors! These heavy-duty scissors give you the power to trim the length of your lashes, cut the lash band to better fit your eyelids and more!

These scissors are a MUST-HAVE if you wear lash strips! When wearing lash strips you never just want to just open a box of lashes and glue them on your eyes. For best results measure your lash strips against your eyelids and cut the excess band! You'll definitely feel the difference.

Use in partnership with our lash applicators for best lash application results!

These scissors may also be used for grooming eyebrows, nose hairs, and more!


Our lash tools also have Virtuous engraved on them so every time you use them you’ll be reminded of the virtuous woman God created you to be!